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The Treasures in Heaven publication is complete!
The primary purpose of this book is presented in the Author's Note.
Author's Note
What will it be like to stand before the throne of Christ?
From the Sermon on the Mount to the Book of Revelation,
Christ prepared us for it.
This book is about being prepared—and inspired.

Treasures in Heaven is available in two forms:
1. Free PDF on this website.
2. Paperback available at Amazon. Click this link to view:


Treasures in Heaven is about seeing our lives—and our future life—through Christ's invitation: "store up for yourselves treasures in Heaven." The book presents what Christ revealed: To store up treasures in Heaven is to seize the moment in the "here and now," and it is to receive all that Heaven has to bestow in the "hereafter." The book ends with a presentation on creation itself, opening a window to our past, present, and future—which includes the chronological order of end-time events in Revelation.

The only reason Treasures in Heaven came to light is that God intervened in my life for six straight weeks in the year 2000. His intervention changed my life and I trust Treasures in Heaven will change yours.

To highlight Scripture presented in Treasures in Heaven, I have constructed 95 Theses (talking points/propositions) for your review.

2017 marks 500 years since Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses to the door of the Wittenberg church in Germany. This act lit the match that ultimately re-ignited the divine light of Scripture: "the righteous will live by faith" (Rom. 1:17).

Today, this is my prayer: the 95 Theses of Treasures in Heaven will affect your heart and mind in a dramatic manner, inspiring you as you read. And, armed with the knowledge of Treasures in Heaven, you will seize the moment in this life, store up treasures in Heaven, be confident of your presence in God's eternal kingdom, and rest in His arms assured of life everlasting on the new Earth with a loving Creator.

To understand more about what God has meant to me, I invite you to read my "Statement of Faith." To grasp Christ's revelation on "the righteous will live by faith," I invite you to read "The Doors of Paradise."

To understand more about me, I'll share this: My ancestral roots extend back to the Mayflower, and the story of the pilgrims is in harmony with my soul. I seek to be worthy of my Lord and Savior, while retaining the single-minded vision of the pilgrims, who declared the following: "We covenant with the Lord, and one with another, and do bind ourselves in the presence of God, to walk together in all God's ways, as the Almighty is pleased to reveal the word of truth to us [Salem Covenant of 1629]." The pilgrims believed Christ is the head of the body, the Holy Spirit inspires, and the Scriptures stand supreme. I believe this as well.

My prayer for you is this: May your treasures in Heaven overflow!

Blessings in Christ,
Dr. William Ayles



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